The 14th International Festival of Operatic Singers “Marie Kraja”

The 14th Festival took place in Tirana on took place in Tirana on October 31st and November 1st, 2014 in the Theater of Opera and Ballet. About 180 singers from four continents competed in two phases. The first phase, which was the applications phase, took place from May to September 2014. The auditions phase qualified 18 singers to continue their competition in Tirana during the two days of the Festival. The first night of the Festival was a competition of all 18 singers accompanied by the Symphonic Orchestra of the Theater of Opera and Ballet directed by the Italian conductor, Leonardo Quadrini. 9 singers who were selected by the international Jury competed in the final night of the Festival for the three big Prizes, and a song Prize.

This Festival was put live on the Albanian Public Television through a terrestrial and satellite broadcasting in Europe and North America. Famous guest artists were invited to perform during the Festival. The printed and electronic media devoted highest interest to this edition of the Festival

The Prize winners of the 14th Festival were:

First Prize “Marie Kraja” Ms. Deniz YETIN, soprano (Turkey)
Second Prize Ms. MarigonaQERKEZI, soprano (Kosova)
Third Prize Mr. Remus ALAZAROAE, baritone (Romania)
Song Prize Ms. Vassia ZACHAROPOULOU, soprano (Greece)

The Jury of the 14th Festival:

  • Mr. Dominique MAYER, Director of Vienna’s State Opera (Austria), Chair
  • Mr. Nicholas PAYNE, Director of Opera Europa (Brussels)
  • Ms. Giovanna LOMAZZI, Vice President of ASLICO (Milan)
  • Mr. Myron MICHAILIDIS, Director of Athens’ State Opera (Greece)
  • Ms. Danusa LUKNISOVA, “Arte Musica Italia” Agency, (Italy)
  • Mr. Ünüşan Kuloğlu (Turqi), Director of the Istanbul Opera (Turkey)
  • Mr. Ilir KERNI, Director of Theater of Opera and Ballet (Albania)
  • Ms. Suzana FRASHERI, soprano, professor of canto, University of Arts (Albania)
  • Ms. Katriot TUSHA, professor of canto, University of Arts (Albania)

President of the Festival:

Ms. Mirela Kumbaro
Minister of Culture

Artistic Director and Producer:

Mrs. Zana ÇELA


Pali Kuke


Leonardo Quadrini (Italy)