The 4th International Festival of Operatic Singers “Marie Kraja”

The 4th Festival took place on 27, 28 and 29 April 2002. 20 singers form Albania, England, France, Italy, USA, Canada, South Korea, etc. participated in this Festival.

The Symphonic Orchestra of the Theater of Opera and Ballet of Albania accompanied the singers during the three concerts. This Festival was broadcasted live on KLAN National TV.

The Prize winners of the 4th Festival were:

First Prize “Marie Kraja” Ms. Perihan Diana NAYIR, soprano, (Turkey)
Second Prize Mr. HyoungKyoo KONG, baritone, (South Korea)
Third Prize Ms. Gergana GELEVA, soprano, (Bulgaria)

The Jury of the 4th Festival:

  • Ms. Inva MULA (Albania), Chair
  • Ms. Martha COIGNEY, President, World Theatre Association (New York)
  • Mr. Bruno dal BON, conductor, President of ASLICO (Milan)
  • Mr. Antonio AMAN, President of the Operatic Festival of Bilbao (Spain)
  • Mr. Dominique MEYER, Director General, Theatre of Sans Elise (Paris)
  • Ms. Barbro MARKLUND (Oslo)
  • Mr. Kim von BINZER, Director, Royal Opera Academy (Copenhagen)
  • Ms. RithaGHOSN, director (Beirut)
  • Mr. Suat ARIKAN, Director of Opera Istanbul (Turkey)
  • Mr. Aris CHRISTOFELIS, Opera of Athens (Greece)

President of the Festival:

Mr. Edi RAMA
Mayor of Tirana

Artistic Director and Producer:

Mrs. Zana ÇELA




Martin ANDRE (UK)