The 2nd International Festival of Operatic Singers “Marie Kraja”

The 2nd Festival of Operatic Singers was INTERNATIONAL and took place on 2, 3 and 4 June 2000. 18 operatic singers from Albania, England, Germany, USA, Australia, South Korea, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, etc. participated in the competition. The Symphonic Orchestra of the Theater of Opera and Ballet of Albania accompanied the singers during the three concerts.

The Festival was broadcasted LIVE on two Albanian national television channels.

The Prize winners of the 2nd Festival were:

First Prize “Marie Kraja” Mr. Lachezar LAZAROV, bass (Bulgaria)
Second Prize Mr. Ardian XHEMA, tenor (Albania)
Third Prize Mr. Josif GJIPALI, tenor (Albania)

The Jury of the 2nd Festival:

  • Ms. Mariana LEKA, (Albania), Chair
  • Mr. Peter HALL, artists’ manager (London)
  • Mr. Robert DEAN, conductor, (London)
  • Mr. Sigfried MATTHUS, Director of Operatic Festival (Berlin)
  • Mr. Cvetan STOJANOVSKI, Director of the Opera House (Skopje)
  • Ms. Edith MIHALI, soprano (Albania)
  • Ms. Angelarossa RICCO, producer (Foggia, Italy)
  • Mr. Bruno dal BON, President of ASLICO (Milan)
  • Mr. Plamen KARTALOFF, Director of the Opera House (Sofia)
  • Mr. Burhan SPAHIU, professor of canto (Albania)

President of the Festival:

Mr. Edi RAMA
Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports

Artistic Director and Producer:

Mrs. Zana ÇELA




Edmond DOKO