The Association “Culture, Media, Arts” has been created in Tirana on 21 August 1998 (No. of Act 4469, No. of Decree 3059) and is registered in the Court of Tirana. It is a non-government and non-for-profit organizationwith national coverage.

Its mission is to contribute to the development of the Albanian society in the areas of culture, media, and arts through a various range of activities such as productions and co-productions in the genres of arts and electronic media, promotion of cultural heritage, etc. working in partnership with different national and international institutions.

The leading structures of the Association are the Assembly of its members, the Steering Committee, and the President of the Association. Association CMA has already over 300 members and over 50 correspondent members in a number of other countries. The members of CMA Association are distinguished artists who work in Albania and abroad, professional journalists, people from academia, students, etc.

CMA Association is a member of the International organizations such as “Opera Europe” (OE) based in Brussels, and the World Federation of International Music Competitions (WFIMC) based in Geneva.

The Founder of CMA Association is Ms. Zana Cela. She has a well-known career in arts and media: Director of the Albanian National Opera House, Artistic Director of the National Public Television; Artistic Director of 3 other leading TV channels, producer and journalist. Ms. Cela is member of various international music competitions.

The basic funding of CMA Association consists on contributions from partners for preparation of joint productions, sponsorships, membership fees, etc. The main activities of CMA are culture and media productions, training activities, international events, etc.

CMA Association has contributed largely to the promotion of young talents in the areas of arts, culture, and media, and their exposure to the international developments in their respective areas. The International Festival of Operatic Singers of Albania has been organized for 17 years, and it has had an incredible impact in the operatic and media circles in a number of developed and developing countries.

Other reputable and large events of the CMA Association were the “Star Academy” on TV KLAN, and the “PerformFest” on RTSH, which are competitions for young adult and junior singing talents respectively.

There are a number of other activities that CMA Association has organized, which have also had a very positive impact. We would mention here training sessions with the young journalists of printed and electronic media, educational activities with students of high schools, culture productions dedicated to youth, memorial celebrities of national and international events, etc.

Since 2012, CMA Association has engaged in the implementation of EU IPA Programmes with neighboring countries. The subject of these programmes is the promotion of dialogue and cooperation between neighboring countries through cultural exchanges. The programmes’ pattern is the recognition of common roots of our peoples. The CMA Association is currently preparing to engage in other new EU funded programmes.