The 18th International Festival of Operatic Singers “Marie Kraja”

The 18th International Festival of Operatic Singers “Marie Kraja”


The Festival will take place in Tirana at the National Theater of Opera and Ballet on the 28th, 29th, and 30th of March 2022.




  • The Festival is open to participants from all countries between 20 to 34 years old.


  • The applications for the selection phase should be submitted via email at and include the following materials: 2 big arias (in audio or video format) which the applicants are free to select from their own repertoire, Curriculum Vitae, and two artistic pictures. The online sources where their materials are uploaded must be specified in the application message. These online sources can be Dropbox, Google Drive, etc., or the applicant’s websites, or other online links. All the applications should reach the organizers of the Festival no later than February 10th. The notification on the outcome of the selection process will be made no later than February 15th, 2022. 


  • The Festival will select among the applications the semifinalists who will come to compete in Tirana in the next phases.


  • The production will cover the travel and accommodation expenses for all participants selected to the semifinal phase.


  • The participants selected to the semifinal phase of the Festival will pay an entry fee of 150 Euro.


  • The participants selected to the semifinal phase must arrive in Tirana one week before the Festival, in order to arrange piano and orchestra rehearsals with the conductor, and the stage mise-en-scènes with the stage director, as required (details can be agreed upon separately on individual bases).


  • The selected participants will go through two stages of competition: 


  • The semifinal stage will take place on the 28th and 29th of March. On the first day, the participants selected will appear before the Jury with their first aria. The next day, they will appear before the Jury and the public on a live TV broadcast with their second aria.


  • The final stage will take place on the 30th of March. The top 8 semifinalists will be the finalists who will compete in the final with one aria among the two ones presented in the semifinal. The names of the finalists will be announced in the morning of the day of the final.


  • The prize winners will be announced at the end of the final. During the time the Jury will proceed with the selection of prize winners, the Festival will continue with its unofficial part of show.


  • In addition to the competition of arias, there will also be a competition of classic songs (more details on this will be announced after the semifinalists to the Festival are selected).


  • On both stages, semifinal and final, singers will perform their arias with the Symphonic Orchestra of the National Theater of Opera and Ballet.




  • First Prize “Marie Kraja”              4 000 Euro
  • Second Prize                                            3 000 Euro
  • Third Prize                                                 2 000 Euro
  • Song Prize                                                  1 000 Euro




  • The Jury will be international, and composed by both international and local professionals. The ballot of the Jury is secret, and its decisions are final.


  • The Jury will meet after each stage to make the judgment. A ranking of the singers will be drawn up to make possible the selection of finalists, and those of the Prize winners.


  • The Jury members will judge individually each singer in competition based on a system of points which ranges from 1 to 10. A final evaluation sheet with names will be is signed by the Jury at the end.


  • The names of Jury members will be announced after the selection phase.




  • More information on the Festival proceedings can be found on the Festival website together with videos, photos, past winners, participants, jury members, etc. The interested candidates can write to us at on any question, clarification, or other issues related to the applications, competition, travel, etc.